…the year of ups and downs

Remember thinking that 2020 was a nutter-butter year? Yeah, 2021 came in and said “hold my beer”. Most jokes aside, we worked and lived through another pandemic year with our sanity (mostly) intact, and that’s absolutely worth celebrating. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many setbacks but we continued to learn, and grow, and move forward.

In this look back at the last year, I want to celebrate our wins and perseverance while looking forward to reaping the benefits of all of this hard work for years to come. I’m grateful to our clients, collaborators, colleagues, friends, and families – we’re able to do what we do thanks to your support, curiosity, and firm belief that we can make the world a better place, together. Thank you.

Our work

Projects we launched this year

To say that 2021 was a busy work year would be an understatement. May through June was an intense launch season for us and we’ve finished off the year by announcing our agency’s new name! The following are just a few of the projects and causes that we’ve poured our hearts and best strategic thinking into this year.

We launched The Philanthropist Journal‘s new brand and website, a collaboration between Kevin Lo (LOKI), Melissa Jean Clark, and Sasha Endoh. Deeply connected to the journal’s vision for a robust and thriving nonprofit sector in Canada, our work included a thorough discovery phase to clarify organizational and audience goals and needs. The final product is modern, welcoming, and accessible. Tested with real users throughout the project, the journal’s nearly 50 years of content is optimized for engagement and discoverability.

We also launched the new American Folklore Society brand and website, a collaboration between Melissa Jean Clark, and Sasha Endoh. Focused on leading visitors through the wealth of helpful information shared by AFS without being overwhelming, the new website is both a timely resource for its membership base and a convener between all those interested in the field of folklore studies and the general public.

As always, we’re focused on helping nonprofits, arts & culture and socially responsible organizations thrive, and make a lasting positive impact. If your organization wants to be more engaging and impactful online (and off), especially while serving marginalized or historically underserved communities – we’d love to work with you.

Get in touch about your project

The Philanthropist homepage screenshot featuring a bright yellow background and beautifully bold typography

American Folklore Society homepage screenshot featuring striking graffiti photo and warm, bright, blocks of colour

Our values

Giving back, speaking up, doing good

Putting our knowledge and skills toward the greater good online and beyond is something we’re passionate about. While we’ve had to divert a bit more energy than usual toward taking care of ourselves and each other over the last year (or few years), it gives me so much joy to celebrate the ways in which we’ve continued to live our values.

Long-time collaborator Kevin Lo has joined Just Seeds, a co-op of socially-engaged radical artists & printmakers. Kevin’s work is so profoundly engaged with grassroots struggles for justice, we’re thrilled to celebrate this very well deserved accomplishment with him!

It’s time to start learning how to build with the Block Editor

Frequent collaborator and WordPress core contributor, Aurooba Ahmed, is passionate about sharing her expertise and launched a very helpful 10-day introduction to block editor development for those of you working with WordPress. We can’t recommend it highly enough!

And you always rely on me, Sasha, to show up and speak up for accessibility during Blue Beanie day (and every day). This year, my message for anyone who’s taken steps towards making their services, events, and businesses more accessible during the pandemic is to keep it going for a more inclusive future for all.

Looking forward

2022 here we come

As we wrap up 2021, I can’t help but look forward to what we’ll do in the coming year. Through the ups and downs of the last year, I’ve watched our collaborators grow and improve their practices in ways that better serve themselves and our clients, truly no small feat. My wish for the coming year is that we continue to be very human while working in tech and doing meaningful work with brilliant collaborators. If that sounds like something you’d like more of in 2022, don’t be shy to reach out with opportunities to do good together!


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