An important component of our website redesign was Endoh Collaborative's stakeholder engagement approach. This included interviewing key stakeholders, users and potential users along with user testing along the way. We were able to make informed decisions because we had the data we needed about what users (and potential users) needed and wanted from our site.

Jillian Witt
The Philanthropist Journal

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Our approach

Strategic planning for your website

Put our extensive experience in the field of nonprofit technology towards defining a strategic plan for your website. We will analyze the data we collect from…

  • interviewing your users, stakeholders and peers,
  • observing how people use your website,
  • auditing your site’s content and analytics data, and
  • surveying industry reports

…to give you a holistic and accurate picture of the needs your project and brand must address in order to be impactful. Partnering with our team gives you an impartial and experienced outside perspective you can trust to create great results for your organization and cause.

Your goals

What does your project need to achieve?


You’re devising a new project or program and want to draw knowledge not only from those on your internal team but also from your industry peers.

Our process will uncover pitfalls to avoid and opportunities for innovation.


Your organization has multiple internal departments and teams, a diverse audience base, and an engaged board of directors and your website needs to serve them all.

Our process will clarify the needs of your stakeholders and create alignment on the goals for your website and organization going forward.


Your organization is evolving and you’re looking to attract a new audience with a website that accurately represents your values and aspirations.

Our process will give you a holistic picture of your organization’s and your audience’s goals, needs, and challenges with a plan for serving them with your website.


Our strategic discovery work