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Deep commitment to UX and Accessibility

We believe in the power of positive user experience and accessibility to foster equity and create strong communities. You can trust us to always advocate for the end-users of our work – your website visitors, community, target audiences, and internal team.

We’re well-versed in accessibility best practices and encourage all clients to adhere to a minimum of level AA WCAG accessibility standards. We will work closely with you to identify the accessibility standards level that best matches your values and internal resources.

We’re also well-versed in usability best practices and have extensive experience conducting UX research. We offer dedicated strategic discovery work and include appropriate UX activities based on your project’s details. Using data to drive our work creates clarity and confidence when making project decisions.

Sasha was so great at communicating throughout the process, and I really appreciate how they took all of my concerns very seriously and talked me through each one of them.

I also really loved the multiple check-ins and the ability to provide feedback. I appreciated both that a lot of feedback was implemented, but when Sasha didn’t think it was the right decision, that they talked me through it and didn’t just say “yes” to everything I said if they didn’t think it was best for what we were doing.

Danielle Barnes
Women Talk Design