Our participants

refuge Kitty-Kat rescue

The first of our participants is a Montreal rescue organization that helps to find forever homes for abandoned cats and dogs. Abandoned pets are a huge issue in our city especially around the big moving day in July. Believe it or not, some folks just leave their pet behind once their boxes are packed, some pets get forgotten, others run away in the bustle of trucks and movers. Right now, all this organization has is a Facebook page so we’re thrilled to be able to give them an online home.

Beigne Oui Solidarity Cooperative Cafe

Our second participant is a very new organization with deep community roots. Those of you who live in our fair city have no doubt enjoyed a delicious Chez Boris donut. Well, the cafe had to close earlier this year but the workers organized themselves into a co-op and are planning on continuing to serve not only delicious donuts but also affordable and ethically sourced foods while creating a community and arts space. At the moment the co-op has a Facebook page and we can’t wait to create an online space for their community efforts.

Social Art Beat

Our third participant is a creative agency that creates art and culture projects (most notably a festival called Montreal Swing Riot). Social Art Beat has been around for a number of years but has never gotten around to creating a proper website for themselves. Right now all they have is a simple splash page and we’re glad to be able to help these lovely folks showcase all the great work they do.

C.A.R.E. Jeunesse

Our final participant is an organization offering support to youth and alumni from all child protection placements, including but not limited to foster homes, group homes and a range of residential centres. You can visit them at their current website which we’ll revamp and optimize come October.

Get involved

If you want to help these organizations have a greater impact in our community we’d love for you to get involved. We’ll be building teams for each of these projects which means project managers, web designers, web developers, content managers, and QA testers – keep an eye out for more info coming soon.

We’re also looking for sponsors who can help us make this event a great experience for everyone involved! If you’d like to support our efforts and make a name your company as a community do-gooder – get in touch with us at doactionmtl@nullgmail.com

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