It’s been great to have this opportunity to give back to our community and bring together web professionals to build new sites for local non-profits. For a little background, this event is just one of a series of events globally – funded by the WordPress Foundation and organized by local communities. Montreal’s do_action is the only one in Canada, with our own Sasha Endoh as its head organizer. You can learn more about the project on the do_action website.

Andrea Zoellner and Sasha Endoh introducing the event. Photo by Andrew Belding.

Participating organizations

Folks we helped

This year, we brought together three teams of web professionals to build sites for 3 organizations.

ENGAGE: Animal Welfare Education

Our first participant dedicated to building empathy among youth by getting kids and teens actively involved in animal welfare. Their goals for the hackathon was to clarify what they do on their website while updating its look and feel.

Photo by Andrew Belding

Peter-McGill Community Council

Our second participant is a community organization that needed help with organizing their content, clarifying their mission and offerings all while making the website more visually interesting.

Photo by Andrew Belding

Camp Weredale

Our final participant is a summer camp for kids and teenagers with special needs. The hackathon team is finishing up their new website with the intention of simplifying the application process for both applicants and the camp admin.

Photo by Andrew Belding

Many thanks…

As always, a big thank you to all the participants who volunteered their time and expertise! We truly couldn’t do this without out. Also thanks for Shopify for hosting our event for the second year in a row. Of course, thanks to Andrea Zoellner and Johanna Tzountzouris, and Andrew Belding – the organizing team.

…until next year

Photo by Andrew Belding

We’re already excited for next year’s event! If you’re interested in participating, please do follow do_action_mtl on: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for updates and news. We’ll keep you updated on this blog as well, à bientôt!